Vocal Lessons-From Talented Beginners to Seasoned Pros

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Terry Little’s vocal lessons offer students a combination of different approaches to singing. The first is based on classical Bel Canto style singing with a focus on classical style exercises, warm ups and postures, as well as placement of projection of the voice and the body as an instrument. The second approach is the “Speech Level” singing style founded by Seth Riggs, considered by many to be the father of modern pop style singing-which focuses in a more relaxed approach to vocalization.  At times these two styles may seem at odds but both approaches have benefits and when integrated create a well rounded vocalist. After students have a good foundation in both of these singing styles other styles are introduced  depending on the individual student’s musical preferences.  Broadway and Blues styles may both be presented as they are such a strong influence in today’s popular music.  Other styles are also offered such as rap, R and B, Rock, Blues, Country,  Metal, Crooning, Screemo and even Latin styles are taught  including Reggaton.

Preparations for many different types of auditions are offered including: NYSSMA, play, television, pageants, casting calls, bands, and producers.

Terry herself has studied with many excellent vocal coaches over the years including:

Delores Holmes-An amazing soul singer and coach.

Tom Rexdale-Studied at Julliard, classical vocal technique and in addition a prominent ragtime player.

Gordon Grody-Coach of Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga

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